Until you have walked in someone else's shoes...

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

I think the story goes... "Until you have walked in someone else's shoes you have zero idea what they are, and have been experiencing". It is with this "I've had it so much worse than you" attitude that some people have. Life is not a contest.

Sorry, but no one is going to give you a cookie for having a "tragic" story, as most everyone is much too busy battling their own demons to really give you the full attention and validation that you are seeking. As humans we know 0% what others are experiencing in their lives at any given moment. EVERYONE is fighting a battle. Even the people right under our noses that seem so happy and content. You can assume, approximate, and read into what is going on with others a good bit, but that is about it. It's not even in the same universe as what one is experiencing in reality. Life is relative... There are people who have experience things that you cannot even imagine that live right in your plain sight every day. Just the same as there are things that you have experienced that no one else on this planet will ever know or be able to appreciate fully. Every individual has their own experiences that are unique to them and these experiences are for them only as no one else's experiences will be the same. You can share likeness or similarities, but that is about it. Life is not a competition to see who has the most tragic story...

It sort of goes like this...

Yea, but I had to... Yea, you should try... I had it worse than... You don't know what it's like to... You can't imagine what... Welcome to my world... Yea, but you've never... You didn't have it like I had it... You've got it made... You don't know how lucky you are... You're lucky... You should just be glad... You should just be happy...

Well, yea... You probably should just be happy...

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