More Song Lyrics... "The Devil" from the album Hallowed Ground

Lots of people say that my song lyrics are really beautiful, so positive, and uplifting!

So, here is the flip side to that equation. This song called “The Devil” from my very first album called Hallowed Ground from way back in 2011. This song is about the human condition, the ego, or the darker nature that resides in every human being no matter how hard and how many different ways we try to hide it from everyone. It is obviously worse in some than others, however it is in everyone. If you haven’t seen it yet, you probably just haven’t been pushed hard enough. Everyone has their breaking point! I guess we all just hope for the best in that we never have to see that side too much…

The Devil

I've crossed the lands and hauled the seeds 

for thousands of years my roots are steeped

you know me well I'm in your mirror

making your enemies and all of your fears

cause I'm the devil 

cause I'm the devil 

no fire that comes from my hand

no 666 ever crosses my head

I fear your faith when your souls are right

I orchestrate your demise

cause I'm the devil 

cause I'm the devil 

a world of horrors under my skin 

for all the gods that answer to me

have all your souls cause I'm in your heads   

even your kings fear who I am

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