I would have sworn that it was a Sea Serpent...

I witnessed a very interesting phenomenon on the evening of 01/01/2019 on the Atlantic Ocean just before sunset as the fog was setting in, and a few minutes before this photo was taken. The sky and the ocean had a pink and purple hue to it and it was really difficult at times to tell the sky from the ocean, although not super evident in this photo. I saw a large bird skimming the surface of the ocean inches above the water at a pretty fast pace. If I didn't already know that this was a bird I was watching I would have sworn that it was a Sea Serpent very dark in color or some other unknown creature swimming thru the ocean a few hundred yards offshore. I say this 100% believing that the lands and oceans of this planet are full of things unknown, and that I do not believe for one second that everyone out there past and present are all mistaken, experiencing hallucinations, or are delusional. In fact, I think witnesses of the past are probably way more reliable and had a better sense of reality than do most of the present day inhabitants, myself included. Furthermore, IF everyone was having all these mass-hallucinations, we'd be hearing stories about all sorts of "Flying Purple People Eaters" and such and not so much the same assortment of creatures and stories, many with all the same and/or similar identifying characteristics. #seaserpents #theunknown #atlanticocean #fog #naturalphenomenon #cryptozoology #wedonotknoweverything #farfromit #seabirds #northfloridasunset #lookingeast #darylhance #blog


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