I'll just go ahead and inform you about how life is where you live...

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

It is quite comical when someone from some other part of the country or world who has never set foot in your part of the country/world tries to inform you on how life is/was for everyone where you, your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents, etc... are from and have lived for their entire life as if you don't know what you are talking about. This goes both ways... So unless you have a great deal of first hand long lasting experience about the region of the world in question, it's probably best to just go ahead, stop talking, and listen before you make an even bigger asshole out of yourself. Nobody cares what you saw in a movie, on television, read in a book, heard someone say, or learned in school or college, you can not encapsulate an entire culture, region, or a people based on one or even several viewpoints. There are so many layers upon layers of gray areas in the world that defy understanding when it comes to people, regions, and cultures that it just boggles the mind. It is next to impossible to get a firm grasp on your own little corner of the globe where you have lived your whole life around people you have known for decades, much less trying to get a scope on a people or region of the globe which you have never even visited before.

Loose Example: I've traveled down Normandy Boulevard (the main road that runs into Jacksonville, FL from where I live) probably a few thousand times over the course of the past 38 years and I still see something new that I've never noticed before every single time I drive down that same 20+ mile stretch of road. Every... Single... Time... I see something new! #possiblylistenmore #justmaybeyoudonotknoweverything #itisabigworldoutthere #comeupforair #darylhance #blog


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