I believe I've figured out the next business model for the recording industry!

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

I've figured out how to use the revenue I've received from all the streaming services to finance the recording of an album! It's really easy, you just use the Voice Memo App on your iPhone as the recording studio and just bypassing the mixing and mastering phases all together. I think this is gonna be the next big thing (surely someone else has already though of this..?). Sure, the end quality of the recording won't be quite as good as an actual studio recording using good mic's, mic-pre amps, and limiter/compressors but hey, the reality is that stuff just doesn't fit in the new business model so we as artists must evolve and change with the times, and this is the one medium that is actually sustainable and makes good sense. Well, I guess you could also use pocket recorders and other simple recording devices too. But if you have to get into purchasing extra mini-cassette tapes, SD memory cards, and such it's gonna start eating into your streaming revenue/recording budget rather quickly... #sarcasm #jokingbutnotreallyjoking #streaming #recording #music #thenewmusicindustrymodel #makingrecords #with #streamingrevenue #recordingalbums #sustainability #darylhance #blog


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